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Divi Discount

The Divi theme is something special. The developers ElegantThemes have already with the first publication of the multipurpose theme in 2013 from the beginning Page Builder Integrated functions. The Divi Theme has been actively developed for almost half a decade and now updates appear almost monthly that not only contain bug fixes, but also regularly contain new functions. In addition, the already extensive library of templates for various website topics is expanded twice a week with new sets such as templates for car dealers, restaurants, coaches, fitness providers, etc.

For whom is the Divi Theme a suitable solution?
When assessing a topic, the target group should also be considered. Who is the Divi Theme aimed at? There are roughly two target groups to be found here:
Ambitious users who want to design their website themselves, but have no know-how or interest in working with CSS or PHP code.
Web designers who like to work quickly with Page Builder functions or who want to provide their customers with corresponding functions for later editing.

While some web designers are not great friends of page builder functions and prefer to design the elements individually and create them directly using CSS and PHP code, there are also some who like to use such functions. A big plus point of the Divi theme is the possibility of the theme on an unlimited number Domains to use. The license conditions also allow the license to be used for customer projects.

Installation is the same as with many other themes. The full Page Builder functionality is available immediately after installation. If you want to use a different theme, simply use the Divi Page Builder plug-in, which is available separately. With this plugin, the so-called Lock-in effect at least as far as the theme is concerned.

Layouts: This is where the Divi Theme shines
Now maybe one or the other is wondering how he can quickly reach his goal with such - although not serious - restrictions with Divi.
The Divi Builder enables you to get a great looking website with a modern design very quickly. There, over 70 layout packs with more than 533 individual layouts can be called up from a library. You can also browse and view this layout library on the Elegant Themes website before purchasing . Each pack is geared towards a certain type of website, such as a website for a restaurant, yoga studio, travel agency, flower shop, fitness provider, wedding website, travel blog or car rental company, etc. A pack always contains 6-9 layouts for individual pages that are typically required for the corresponding type of website. This typically includes the start page, a blog view, a landing page, an about me or about us page, a team view and thematically appropriate pages as in the following example of the Yoga Studio Pack with the "Classes" page (overview of the yoga classes offered). Each layout pack has a uniform design. Also very convenient: all images and graphic elements used are imported and can be used freely. Nobody has to worry about licensing rights, Elegant Themes takes care of that. For each of the packs a demo page is available where you can see what the pages will look like.

Elegant Themes publishes articles accompanying the layout packs very frequently, which explain how certain suitable functions can also be integrated into the website. For the Yoga Studio Pack, for example, it is shown how a member registration and management can be integrated into the site. Unfortunately, these articles only appear in English. If you find something here that suits your taste, you can at least build the basis of your website in a very short time. You simply import the layouts for the pages you need. Then you only have to insert your texts and, if necessary, pictures. And that's it... your website is ready to go.

There are also other multipurpose themes and page builder plugins that also offer templates, but to our knowledge none of them is as extensive and is expanded regularly. Because the manufacturer Elegant Themes publishes two new layout sets of 6 to 9 layouts each week, which can then be called up immediately from the library.
While other page builder plugins often offer a variety of templates, these mostly consist of individual individual pages and you will not find a combination of templates on a special topic or in a uniform design. Multipurpose themes, on the other hand, often offer templates for whole Websites with all the necessary sub-pages, but these are only available in a very limited number and subject variety.
Nobody is tied to these Divi Layout Packs. Templates from a wide variety of packs can also be loaded and only parts of the layout can then be used. There are now various third-party providers who sell layouts and occasionally make them available free of charge. Last but not least, everyone can design their pages from scratch with the help of the Divi Builder.

Layout library
The layout library mentioned above not only offers access to the layout packs, but also to layouts that you can create and save yourself. Repeatedly used layouts or parts of a layout can be saved and reinserted at any point. It also includes an export to disk function so that layouts can also be imported into the library of other websites.
So if you work regularly with the Divi Theme, you can easily create some standards that you can quickly access again and again.
So-called global elements can also be defined. These elements can be used in various places on the website. As soon as the properties of a global element are changed, these changes are applied to all places where the element was inserted. For example, the text for a call to subscribe to the newsletter, which appears in several places on the website, only needs to be revised once.

Divi support
We had contacted the support several times over the years and the response was usually relatively quick. In our experience, we would rate the quality of the support between sufficient and good. Sometimes it took a while for the support representative to understand the real problem. We were never left hanging. The type of support has recently been changed. Before, there was a large support forum only accessible to customers in which inquiries were made. Most of the inquiries and answers were visible to everyone else. This had the great advantage that existing solutions could be found quickly for many problems without having to contact support directly.
Support now runs through a chat. A knowledge database can also be searched, which also contains many answers. But unfortunately it is not as extensive as the forum. The response times don't seem to have changed much after some initial difficulties.

Prices, conditions & discount
Now we come to a point that makes the Divi Theme very interesting for many: the price and the terms of use. That doesn't mean that the Divi Theme is particularly cheap at first glance. So there is no free version that you can test beforehand. But there is a 30-day money back guarantee. The Divi Theme is offered in the form of a membership. That's because Elegant Themes' business model has been a theme club since it was founded in 2008. For an annual fee, members can use any of the themes and plugins created by Elegant Themes. This is still the case today, but Elegant Themes has only focused on the further development of the Divi and Extra Themes since the Divi Themes appeared in 2013. You still have access to the old themes, but who wants to use themes that have not been further developed for 5 years.
However, membership also includes access to some of the current plugins such as the optin plugin Bloom, or the social sharing plugin Monarch and the Extra Theme, which is a slightly modified version of the Divi theme that is more geared towards a magazine style. Very interesting for people who run more than one website or who work for customers: With membership you can use the themes on an unlimited number of websites. As a member, you can also install the Divi Theme on your customers' websites. The latter makes the Divi Theme an attractive offer for web designers and the like.

What does the membership cost?
There are two variants:
The Yearly Access : The membership price is $ 80 annually.
The Lifetime Access : For one-time $ 249 you get a lifetime membership.
In particular, the lifetime access in connection with the associated right of use on an unlimited number of websites and also for customers makes the use of the Divi theme interesting for many. In purely mathematical terms, Lifetime Access is already worthwhile from the third year of use. Many themes and page builder plugins do not offer such lifetime options. Unfortunately, Elegant Themes doesn't offer a fixed discount on annual payments like many other plugin or theme makers do. For this, discount promotions can also be used for the annual payment.

Conclusion Divi Theme
The Divi Theme with its integrated page builder function can be a good choice for two interest groups: the ambitious user without extensive CSS and programming know-how and the provider specializing in Divi such as web designers or developers.
From our point of view, the clearest advantages of the Divi theme are:
The integrated page builder functions with the extensive layout library, which is expanded weekly. The active further development with several updates and thus new functions per month. The high prevalence with the associated communities and many third-party providers. The possibility of using it on an unlimited number of websites and also for customers. The relatively inexpensive combination of the components that normally have to be paid for separately: Theme and Page Builder. There is also the option of an inexpensive lifetime license. From our point of view, the most obvious disadvantages of the Divi theme are: The lock-in effect when using the page builder functions. However, this occurs with all page builders! Partly over-ambitious development: some updates were published too early and more often the focus is on dazzling new functions as project maintenance. While the lifetime license is comparatively cheap, there is no annual renewal discount for annual payments.