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How to Use a Elegant Themes Divi Discount Code?

Is the Divi Theme really the best WordPress theme?

In this article I would like to introduce you to the Divi Theme. I will go into the advantages but also the disadvantages of the Divi theme. But let’s start from scratch …


What is the Divi Theme?

The Divi Theme by elegantthemes is a theme for the popular WordPress content management system . 33% of all websites now run with the CMS WordPress. The already very user-friendly WordPress is expanded by the Divi Theme with a kind of visual kit.

So you can create great websites without programming knowledge, without writing a line of code. This makes it possible for newcomers to create their own website.

You can also access hundreds of demo layouts . You can install these with just one click. Now all you have to do is insert your own content into the website. Finished!

Who is the Divi Theme for?

The Divi Theme is aimed at people who want to get to their own website quickly and easily . The live website editor is more aimed at visual people. The Divi Theme is particularly interesting for web designers because the design of a website is intuitively possible.

But the Divi Theme is also interesting for bloggers, freelancers, web design agencies or start-ups. If you want to start your first business and your budget is quite small, you should consider the Divi Theme for creating your homepage.

By the way, in my article The Best WordPress Themes you will find even more WordPress Themes.

Try the Divi Builder!

Which websites can I create with the Divi Theme?

The extreme flexibility of the Divi theme makes it suitable for all areas of application. You can check out the Divi demo layouts . As a multi-purpose theme, it is suitable for the following website types:

  • restaurant
  • Yoga studio
  • Wedding website
  • Corporate website
  • Web agency
  • Photographers portfolio
  • online shop
  • Doctor website
  • Freelancer website
  • Lawyers website
  • and much more

So you see: With the Divi Theme you are ready for anything. No matter where your path takes you. This gives you the certainty that your website will grow with your business.

Get a discount now!

How do I create websites with the Divi theme?

To create websites with the Divi theme, you should be a little familiar with WordPress. But don’t worry: there are some very good tutorials on the Internet . After buying the Divi Theme, you can start creating the website straight away. As is well known, there are many ways that lead to Rome.

There are two recommended ways to create websites with the Divi Theme:

Create websites with the demo layouts

I would recommend this procedure if you are not yet a Divi professional and want to familiarize yourself with the theme first. You use the supplied demo layouts. To do this, you simply create a new subpage in WordPress.

The Divi Builder then asks you whether you want to start with a completely new page (“Rebuild”) or whether you want to use the demo layouts (“Select pre-made layout”).

Now you have access to the layout packs. Particularly nice: Each layout also has different layouts in the same style for sub-pages.

Redesign your website from scratch

If you are already very familiar with the Divi theme and want to build something completely new, you can start without the demo layouts. I would plan a little more time here. The result will be absolutely unique.

So you use the Divi Builder again and click on “Rebuild”. You have created a completely white underside and can now let your creativity run free with the Divi Theme.

Get a discount now!

The features of the Divi theme

If you look at the features list of the Divi Themes you will need a very long time. Because the features of the Divi theme are almost endless.

Critics will now say that a theme cannot contain any functionalities. WordPress wasn’t like that at the time. And they’re a bit right too. You can find out more about this under Divi Theme Disadvantages.

Nevertheless, the Divi Theme offers you many tools to increase your conversion and make your business successful. With the built-in split testing, you can easily test which button is clicked more often.

The included plugins help you to create and integrate an email newsletter or your social links. And since the Divi Builder is also supplied as a plugin, you can equip almost any theme with the Live Frontend Editor.

Live Editor enables visual work

With the innovative Divi Builder you can work completely visually. You can use it to create your advertising website using drag and drop. You can build your website in real time and see the impact immediately. No more unnecessary saving and updating.

By creating using drag-and-drop, you can move, move, delete or copy all elements on your website. So you create websites in no time.


Divi Theme Languages

The Divi Theme is available in 23 languages. Even without a lot of English knowledge, you can easily work with the Divi Theme.

Since the Divi theme also has a very large international community, there are also some very good tutorial videos on Youtube.


Great tutorials and instructions

The developers of elegantthemes documented the theme very well. Unfortunately, these Divi Theme Tutorials are mostly in English. However, there is a video for each content module. This makes the Divi theme the best documented theme on the market.

If you are looking for German Divi Theme Tutorials , you will find it quickly on YouTube.


110 demo layouts

The 110 demo layout packs are a particular advantage. It is not just 110 styled layouts, but entire website packages. This means that for each of these 110 demo layouts, the Divi Theme also provides additional subpages.

For example, there are the yoga studio demo layouts . In addition to the start page layout, these also consist of an about page, a blog, a course subpage, a contact subpage, a landing page and a team page. So you get the whole website delivered ready.


Endless customization options

With the Divi Builder you can customize everything. And that means everything! If you’re afraid of all the options now, I can calm you down. The interface of the Divi Builder is extremely user-friendly.

Options are clearly arranged in tabs. So you don’t lose the overview. In addition, important options are shown more prominently and less important setting options are “hidden”.


Recurring content with global elements

The absolute highlight of the Divi theme are the global elements. If you have recurring elements with the same content on your WordPress website, you can simply save a global element in your Divci library. Then you change this global element once and it will be updated across your entire website.

I haven’t found this function in any WordPress theme yet. In the past, you could only do this through programming. With the Divi Theme you can now do this without a single line of code.


Find & replace

If you are more of a friend of the search function you will love the Divi theme. This enables you to search for options. So you forgot where to set the font? No problem! Just search for “Font” in the Divi Builder and the respective option will be shown to you immediately. This also makes it much easier to get started with the Divi Theme.

You can also search for certain styles and replace them with others. And across your entire website. Would you like to make all green buttons yellow? No problem with the Divi Thermes search and replace function.


Magic Color Maker

The Magic Color Maker is also a nice-to-have. The theme automatically notices which colors you have already used and saves them in quick access. So you have your personal color palette ready with one click.


Headings can be completely customized (SEO)

If you’ve heard of the H1-H6 heading tags, you’ll know how difficult it is to set headings on other themes. These are essential for search engine optimization. Unfortunately, the topic is treated very neglectfully by many WordPress themes.

With the divi theme you can set the H1-H6 tags for each heading. This makes search engine optimization child’s play. Also check out my 35+ ultimate SEO tips to help you improve your rankings.


Keyboard shortcuts

The Divi Builder includes shortcuts so you can work faster. It’s not just about conventional shortcuts like CTRL + Z to undo things. In theory, you could largely control the entire Page Builder using the keyboard. You can find out more about the Divi Shortcuts here .


Online marketing directly with the theme

The topic of online marketing was very important to the guys from elegantthemes when developing the divi theme. Therefore, in addition to the A / B test function of the Divi theme, you also get some plugins for free.

But what I find most powerful is the split testing function of Divi Leads . As already mentioned, it will be possible to examine every element of your website for the conversion rate.


Own online shop? Extended WooCommerce options

With the Divi Builder you can not only build posts and pages. You can use any type of Custom Post Type with the Divi Builder.

This means you can also assemble your WooCommerce product pages individually and visually using drag and drop. This is particularly interesting for operators of WordPress online shops. Sure there are WooCommerce themes that offer you a similar functionality. However, Divi also gives you additional functionalities that you will not find in other WooCommerce themes.


Next level responsive web design

Mobile First is the buzzword. With the Divi Theme you are prepared for the next level responsive web design. In the Page Builder you can test and adapt for mobile devices with one click.

You can also hide each element on different devices. Many other great responsive features expand the Divi theme and make your website ready for the new decade.


Undo & action log

Another very practical feature is the undo function. Did you click No problem – every step can be undone in the Live Frontend Editor.

And if that’s not enough for you, every activity is logged in the Page Builder. In this activity log you can also jump to any place. This makes it possible not only to jump back a few steps, but to restore versions of your website that were days ago.


Save and export elements

In addition to the global elements, you can also save any layout element and use it on other Divi websites. You have built a great button in a customer project and would like to use it in another customer project? No problem with the Divi layout library.

And of course you can also copy and paste every design element. Regardless of whether it is a specific course or entire content sections. Copy and paste. Finished!


User roles completely adjustable

If several people are to work on the website, you can use the role editor to set the rights of the individual authors down to the smallest detail.

This is particularly helpful for larger projects. Especially if inexperienced authors should work on the website, it can happen that an author deletes the layout of a page. In the Divi Theme you can define for each user exactly which content modules they can use, whether they can change global elements or edit the page title.


Over 100 addons for the Divi theme

The divi community is extremely large. In addition, elegantthemes provides a great working basis for WordPress developers through the DIVI-Api. There are now over 100 add-ons for the Divi theme.

This includes the Divi Booster plugin . This extends the theme by many useful functions – for those who can never get enough. The Divi Theme Plugins topic alone can fill an entire blog article.

In the elegantthemes blog you will find the best 10 addons for the Divi theme .


24/7 support

Due to the very large community (750,000 Divi customers), the support team for the topic is also very large. This gives you 7 days a week and 24 hours a day active support for problems with the Divi Theme. Unfortunately, support is currently only available in English.

If you are looking for German support for a WordPress theme, you should take a look at the Enfold theme . There is a German support here. This is unique!


Pay once – use endlessly

The special features of the Divi theme don’t stop there! For most WordPress themes, you pay an annual fee (for support) and can only use the theme for one website. The Divi theme is different here.

Of course there is also the usual annual license. This includes support and updates for one year. Nevertheless, you can use the theme for an infinite number of websites.

A special treat is the lifetime license. Here you pay once and can get updates and support all your life. This lifetime license may not be cheap – but it is extremely cheap.

With this link you also get up to 20% discount when buying the Divi Themes!


Theme security

Since the theme is widespread, the security of the theme also plays a major role for the developers. That is why security tests are always carried out. So you can rest assured that the Divi theme is relatively safe.

The developers have even had it certified: Sucuri has tested the Divi Theme for its security. You can find more on this in the English-language blog of the Divi Themes.


30-day money back guarantee

To make sure that the Divi Theme is not a castle in the air, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. The developers are therefore convinced of their product. I also bought the theme back then with a view to the 30-day money-back guarantee. And not regretted it.

Buy Divi Theme now

Divi Theme Content Module

The individual content elements of the Divi theme leave nothing to be desired. With this you build every conceivable layout:


The disadvantages of the Divi theme

When I first used the Page Builder of the Divi Themes, the WordPress freelancer laughed spitefully in me. I thought that all the settings would come into the code using inline CSS. Just like the many website building kits are currently doing. However, this is not a good style and causes the website to slow down.

When I looked into the code I was amazed. The Divi Builder has exemplary written all settings in a CSS file. This tipped a big disadvantage of such WYSIWYG page builders.

However, the Divi Theme doesn’t just have advantages. I want to be honest with you and also draw your attention to the weaknesses of the divi theme. However, I had to search for these Divi Theme weaknesses for a long time.


A lot of code

The shortcodes (this integrates the functions in WordPress) will inflate the source code of your website. The Divi developers have already done their utmost to optimize the loading time of the Divi theme.

Nevertheless, the Divi theme remains a multi-purpose theme and therefore comes with many functions. You will certainly not need some of these functions for your website – but they will still be loaded. In my test, however, I was also able to achieve good values with the Divi Theme on Google Pagespeed.

In my Pagespeed Optimization for WordPress articles I will show you how to optimize the loading time of your WordPress website.


Shortcodes make changing the theme complex

You will also have this disadvantage with all other modern WordPress themes. Many modules and functions are integrated into WordPress using shortcodes from the theme. If you change your theme the layout is gone. You just see a few confused snippets of text. So you should be prepared that a website built with Divi will not work with another WordPress theme.

Nevertheless, this is not a real disadvantage, since anything is possible with the Divi Theme.


Many options

Many options lead to cognitive overload. Sure – you can set a lot with the Divi Theme. This abundance of possibilities also quickly leads to fatigue and confusion. The developers really structured the functions and setting options very well.

The ready-made demos make it easier for you to get started with the Divi Theme. You don’t have to start at 0 here and can concentrate on the essential setting options.

Buy Divi Theme now

Buy Divi Theme: the prices & discount

The payment model of the Divi Theme differs fundamentally from many price models of other themes. You always have the option to use the Divi Theme for as many websites as you want. Themes bought at Themeforest may only be used for one WordPress installation. This makes Divi particularly interesting for WordPress agencies.

You also have the option to purchase the Divi Theme (or Support & Updates) for one year. Here you pay around $ 80 depending on the Divi Theme discount. But you still get the Theme magazine on top of that. There is also the Mail Marketing Plugin and Monarch – a social sharing plugin.

The really special thing is the lifetime license. You buy the Divi Theme and get updates and support all your life. The proud price of around $ 230 (depending on the discount) is certainly a deterrent at first glance. However, if you want to be represented on the long term with your website, you will end up cheaper than the annual license.

Buy Divi Theme now with a discount

Divi Theme conclusion

The Divi Theme is particularly interesting for WordPress beginners and advanced users who want to get to their own website quickly and easily. If you are a developer or if you want to extremely open your WordPress installation, you will not necessarily need the Divi Theme.

As an alternative to the website builder, the Divi Theme is serious competition. It also has the advantage that it is based on WordPress and is extremely scalable. The Divi Theme can accompany you for a long time and grow with your ideas and visions.